Leila was a woman who was a man.

Strict family traditions have made Sabur hide his sexual identity throughout his childhood and he says her mother, who as a child and teenager, wanted to talk less to others so that no one would know her sexual identity… He still has several wounds on his body and says he has been beaten many times for rejecting sexual demands. Lack of freedom to cover up street and sexual harassment is one of the main demands of transgender people and sexual minorities in Afghanistan. Sabur Hosseini likes to wear humorous and feminine clothes and walk freely in the streets of Herat “We must be free and wear any kind of clothing,” Sabur added. I like to wear happy clothes. Clothes that make me more attractive. People do not allow me to wear makeup and lipstick. “In us, the feelings and emotions of women are in the form of men.”…
He stated that he had a great interest in handicrafts, sewing and making toys as a child and spent most of his time alone doing these things & Sabur is one of the well-known figures in Herat. He has had a great desire to dance since childhood. But now, because of the fear of sexual harassment, he dances less in circles… When Sabur was young he came to dance at many Heratian celebrations. According to him he danced not for money but because of his love… According to Saboor, he learned dance professionally in India from prominent female actors during an eight-month trip in 2004. He considers dance as a sport and his best hobby. “I’m very interested in dancing,” he said. “At the age of 64, dancing did not make me young and I do not think I am old at all.” Transgender people also face many problems in the job search sector. Most of them are homeless due to lack of job opportunities and depend on the support of others. But Sabur has broken this barrier. He walks 30 km daily and teaches at a school in the Guzara district of Herat province Afghanistan Hard work but the only way that helps… According to Sabur, he spends a large portion of his livelihood on going to and from school, as his home is in Herat and the school is far from home.
I do not use violence against students and I work out of kindness, and prefer to teach elementary school: Sabur said. In addition to dancing as an art, Saboor also performs and teaches plays. According to him, one of the orphanages in Herat has been performing and teaching plays for children for many years. Saboor has recently been given a role in a TV series called – Khayalploo – He performs this role honorably (for free). In this series, he plays a dance instructor. He has recently been beaten and seriously injured in the right eye area. And should help him to practice and teach art in a free and safe environment. We seek cooperation from all human rights and art collections around the world
It is noteworthy that transgender people do not have a specific place in Afghan civil law and almost nothing is said in the laws of this country about the rights of sexual minorities. Only Article 2057 mentions – neutral sex – heritage Neutrality whose masculinity and femininity are not clearly defined – the lowest share of the inheritance in comparison with the girl and the boy – is entitled and the abandoned remnant is given to the other heir…

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