An artist is a person who recreates the world and strives to save the world, its resources especially water. He thus, creates a beautiful and safe world nurturing nature, respecting life and living.

The Secretariat of the Devotion award introduces Zuly Sanguino as the artist of 2021.

Zuly is a motivational speaker in Colombia and is involved to raise awareness. The artist is active and influential in the community. Zuly has been harassed and faced difficult past, yet manages the creation of beautiful works of art. Zulu has become a model of kindness and devotion

We ask the government of his country to facilitate the conditions for the disabled on the roads and public transportation. And provide valuable services for the disabled and artists to make a living

This award is given annually to an artist who, through his art, strives to save the world and humanity.

The Devotion Award to art is reviewed and awarded by judges and artists around the world

این جایزه در سال 2020 به صبور حسینی از هرات افغانستان اعطا شد.
ما از افغانستان خواستیم تا قانونی را برای افرادی مانند صبور حسینی در افغانستان تصویب و به رسمیت بشناسد.

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